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November 27, 2017
If you love animals, please help your local rescue group. Every dollar goes to companion animals in the Middle Georgia area. The growing economic hardships people are facing now are causing more to turn their own best friends over to be killed. Contributions from corporations and individuals are down and when that happens it directly impacts the numbers of helpless, loving, innocent creatures we can save. Any amount you can donate is put to immediate critical use in spay/neuter programs, medical care, food and care of the wonderful Animals.

Make the Difference:

Our organization has no paid staff. Every dollar goes directly to the improve living conditions of victims of abuse, neglect and fate. Click Here to help us help the ones you love. Your contributions make the difference in thousands of lives.

Links to Sponsors:

- Petsmart
- Harts Petuary
- Southern Electricom

(November 17, 2017)

Please Donate to Heart of Georgia Humane Society

Mail Your Tax Deductable Contribution to...

Heart of Georgia Humane Society 
P.O.Box 7554 
Macon, GA  31209 

or use our convenient PayPal account to deposit directly


Another very easy way to help support Heart of Georgia Humane Society is simply by shopping at Amazon!

Just click the link below. Every time you shop we get a donation from Amazon! It's that simple. It cost you nothing and it's a great way to help our animals in need.