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November 27, 2017
If you love animals, please help your local rescue group. Every dollar goes to companion animals in the Middle Georgia area. The growing economic hardships people are facing now are causing more to turn their own best friends over to be killed. Contributions from corporations and individuals are down and when that happens it directly impacts the numbers of helpless, loving, innocent creatures we can save. Any amount you can donate is put to immediate critical use in spay/neuter programs, medical care, food and care of the wonderful Animals.

Make the Difference:

Our organization has no paid staff. Every dollar goes directly to the improve living conditions of victims of abuse, neglect and fate. Click Here to help us help the ones you love. Your contributions make the difference in thousands of lives.

Links to Sponsors:

- Petsmart
- Harts Petuary
- Southern Electricom

(November 17, 2017)

Dear Friends,

The Heart of Georgia Humane Society was formed less than seven years ago and with your incredible support we have successfully saved more than 6,000 lives! Our numbers speak for the dedication of our volunteers and to the fantastic help you provide to us in supplying the daily needs of these loving helpless abandoned animals.

When our group was formed our board made a decision that animals on death row at Animal Control were our first priority.


The Heart of Georgia Humane Society was formed less than seven years ago and with your incredible support we have successfully saved more than 6,000 lives!!

Our Mission Depends on You

Unfortunately, these animals only have seven days to live. A group of our volunteers go into the shelters on a weekly basis and pull the animals that we can take into our program. When the animals are taken into our program it first goes to the vet where it is given shots, whatever medical care needed, and spayed/neutered. When this process is complete and the vet determines the animal is healthy, it is placed in foster care. In the foster care home, the animal is socialized with other animals and many times, children. From this we can then determine the best possible home situation that will work. When the foster home determines that the animals are ready to be adopted they are taken to PetsMart in Macon, off Presidential Parkway, every Saturday until the right homes are found.

At any time the adoption does not work, we ask that the animal be returned to the Heart of Georgia. We never want this pet to end up back in the same situation it came from. The animal stays in foster care until a forever home is found regardless of how long that may take. In view of the above explanation you can plainly see our needs are great. We operate strictly on donations. We do not receive any state or federal money. We not only need financial help, but we need foster homes, vet services, food, beds and many other items including volunteers. If you feel that you can help us with any of this please contact the Heart of Georgia at 478-477-9713.

Please help us continue our work. We do feel that we are making a difference one pet at a time. Please help us make their dreams come true, they want a home too. If you can't open your home to another pet, then please consider sponsoring a homeless pet, or making a donation.

Thank you for your support, Judy Stembridge President Heart of Georgia Humane Society